Love changes everything


Love Changes Everything it Touches

One of the spiritual mentors of my high school years, Sandy Scheffler, subscribed to a magazine called “Campus Life” for my good friend Ellen Hulsebus and I. Being the reader that I am, I perused it avidly each time it arrived.  Today I am sharing a poem that was in a spring issues many, many years ago.  This poem impacted my life, and I hope it helps put you in the Easter mindset.


Isn’t it strange that we should glorify the cross,
put it on our churches
and hang it about our necks–
that we should sing about it
and that it should become a symbol of faith and inspiration–
the cross–a dark, dirty, excruciating
way of legalized killing
in the name of justice.
What if the Romans had chosen to hang
or behead, or mutilate or shoot
would we sing of the precious old rope
or would our steeples lift rifles to the sky?
Isn’t it moving that His love could transform the long-ago counterpoint
of electric chairs and gas chambers
into a symbol of faith and devotion?
But then LOVE changes everything it touches:
it makes heavy burdens light…
long hours short,
ordinary faces beautiful,
houses into homes,
picnics into banquets,
God into sacrifice
and sinners into saints.
And if He could take a cross and fashion it, like He fashioned wood
in His earthly father’s carpenter shop,
into a depiction of deepest love,
doesn’t it make you wonder what He might be able to do with you
if you yielded to His love?

by Bob Benson


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